Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Xmas!

Seems like there will be no Xmas outing this year, nevertheless i would like to wish all citizen a Merry Xmas in advance.

Everyone busy with our own life now, hopefully we still can meet up as often as possible :(

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hello peeps!

What's for Xmas this year?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Snail 21st BBQ

Date: 16 October 2010
Venue: Clementi Ave 6
Event type: Birthday celebration / gathering / BBQ

Organizers: Meau & Ada
下圣旨 by: 龟龟

Attendance of the day:
Minyi, #25, Woflie, Yas, Yas bf a.k.a 过期货, ada, meau, 蚂蚁, 龟龟, & Snail.

Absentee: GTPP.


Thank you:
- meau & ada for organising.
- mayi for helping out the shopping ealier.
- minyi, meau sis & mum for marinating/preparing all food.
- 龟头 for 下-ing the 圣旨
- & all other citizens for appearing at the event to make it such a fun and enjoyable one! 

With plenty of thanks,

Wednesday, August 25, 2010



Dear fellow little 龟龟们,
our 龟头老大 has officially fallen sick, thus declare the founding of new mutated virus named,  "龟流感".

 "龟流感" a new found mutated virus that is 100 times strornger than SARS, Swine Flu, Bird Flu or whatever Snail-Snail Flu. 
Tedious laboratory studies are still undergoing at the Singapore National Allied Insitude of Lame-research center, SNAIL in short; yet so no new developments are being found up to this point.

A word of warning to the residents of 龟国,
wash yours hands frequently with soap, prevent getting into crowded places that will increase the chance of spread, get more vitamins, exercise regularly;

drink more GREEN TEA!!!

Above report done with 99% under the muscus and 1% brain.



Gui-Quote of the day:
Everything have the chance of growing back like a lizard tail, never try never know.

In this case, i was referring to a HEAD getting chop off.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Coming end of July...

As the head of the 龟龟国 i hereby wish all the July birthday citizen a very happy birthday. Enjoy the Genting trip hor? Update leh!

What's coming up next? Meau meau~ start planning.. HEHE.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hi Everyone, this is XX.

For everyones info, I am Yasmin's Twin sister... I noe no one had seen/heard of me before but is ok as I do not appear tt often as well....

Apparently as you all should know, Yasmin is too busy wif her daily work and life, therefore being the more "Eng" twin sister, I hereby being tasked/asked/command/watever you all can tink of by her to blog on her behalf....

Firstly, Yasmin claimed that she enjoy herself alot during the chalet... Juz slacking ard and playing Mahjong for 2 days.... No work, No problems, No troubles... Eat and slp lik nobody business (Quite Obvious from her size thou dun U tink??) and being ard wif frenz... She feels that when there is frenz, there will be fun... Even during the time when she dun feel lik talking (I wonder when will tt be??) She dun mind juz watching ppl talk....

Secondly, She wanna thank everyone who prepare/provide/feed/gave her her 4 meal (Thur dinner, Fri breakfast, lunch and dinner) thus not letting her die of hunger and cooking home cook food for her as she had not touch home cook food for almost a yr *Due to lots of reason*.... ( I noe she complain alot saying she will call delivery/ save trouble/ etc etc... But secretly tell everyone tat actually she is very greatful abt it juz tt she is lazy to prepare, cook and wash thus complaining so much and giving so many comments... ^Slap her Right??^ )

Thirdly, she wanna thank 龟龟 for keeping the toilet clean as promise so that she can bath happily/peacefully/without worries for the 2 nights although she still claimed that she is uncomfortable as our hse toilet is still the best but she is in a chalet.. Wat can she expect?? The standard is consider the best for chalet le and she is glad abt it.... She sincerely thank 龟龟 to the max.....

Lastly, (This is an input by XX Myself... Not instructed by tt Kuku Yasmin de...) Secretly tell U all tat She is actually very thankful, greatful, appreciate-ful that you all still want/choose/insist to be her frenz after knowing that she is such a "Bitch".. (Always Bitching ard as U all can see)... Therefore she is actually really really very very greatful/happy/thankful abt it...

Thank You!!
당신을 감사하십시오
Go raibh maith agat

*Sniff Sniff* *Wiping away tears* 太感动了~~~~

Finally.... Last of the last.... *Top Secret* Shhhhhhhh.............

Yasmin secretly told me that she admires 龟龟's brother... She thinks that he is super powerful... Multi Purpose Brother.... She wonders if she can bring him home?? * She is Willing to pay any amount for it*
Tsk Tsk!!!

Tink tat sld be all... *If I nv miss out anything instructed by her*

Thank You for you kind attention...
XX love you all!!!
Muacks Muacks!! <3
Flying Kiss~~~~~

XX Pen down on 1/6/10 ~ 22.57

I think the site needs to go under construction REAL SOON.

and it seems like there'll be an expansion in our country's population!

interested applicants please apply through our 龟龟头.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Giving 龟头 thick thick face!

Annyeong (that's HELLO in korean) from snail, who is sitting beside turtle now. And if you are smart enough to realise, turtle is blogging now too, just beside me.

Tracking everyone, action now.
Uncle tony, meau, min, yas and ada are opening their illegal gambling den in the room right now.
Uncle melvin a.k.a maria is cooking breakfast right now.
Time check: 1244 pm.

Gui and i rotting in the living and blogging.
Her poor sis playing wii to entertain herself.

Oh ok. And i think her relatives just visited. .

Ok the living room is damn warm.

And blogging with LG is crazy.

Greeting from Aloha Changi!

Current Location: Aloha Changi Cranwell Bungalow 2.

i can even shuttle run on the corridoor.

First night dinner was prepared by everyone except me and Snail ( snail claims to help abit here and there). Simple food, but nice =D

Those ah nehs are seriously damn freaking selfish! They freaking occupy the entire carpark that is supposedly shared by 3 bungalows.

welldone hor.

Finish all the Red wine liao.

Ada ownself drink finish the Baileys and KO-ed last night. Sleep with a 大 position.

Okay so far for now =/